• A "standard" vaccination program does not exist.

  • Vaccination is an aid in prevention of infectious diseases.

  • Vaccination programs will not succeed without appropriate managerial changes.

  • Not all animals that receive a vaccine will mount an immunologic response; those that respond will not have equal responses.

  • Vaccines should be selected on the basis of:

    • demographics of the targeted disease

    • effects of the disease, should it occur

    • risks of exposure to the disease

    • efficacy of vaccination program to reduce problems associated with the disease

    • cost of appropriate vaccination

    • potential adverse effects of the vaccination program

  • All animals in a group should be appropriately vaccinated according to their specific needs.

  • Expectations of the client for the vaccination program should be realistic.

  • Strict attention should be afforded the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage, handling, and route of administration of the vaccine.

  • For most vaccines, a series of multiple (generally 3) doses must be administered initially to induce protective immunity before booster vaccination can be productive.

  • In order to maximally protect foals during the first few months of life, broodmares should receive booster vaccinations during 4 to 6 weeks before foaling, and it is essential that foals receive an adequate amount of colostrum and absorb colostral antibodies.

  • Foals from appropriately vaccinated mares should receive their initial vaccination against most diseases not sooner than 6 months of age; in endemic areas, vaccination against Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis should begin at 3 to 4 months of age until additional information indicates otherwise.

  • Adverse reactions should be reported to the manufacturer of the product involved.


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