Background: Prior to starting Panorama Equine Medical & Surgical Center, “Dr. Wally” worked as an Associate Veterinarian in a mixed animal practice in Fortuna, California, with an emphasis in equine medicine and surgery.  Panorama Equine Medical & Surgical Center, formerly known as Panorama Farm Veterinary Medicine, has been built from the ground up since 1985 by Dr. Liberman, as an equine-only referral and primary care facility located in the center of Northern California.  The practice dedicates itself to high quality Diagnosis, Imaging, Medical and Surgical treatment options serving the needs of the equine athlete, and strives always to be involved in cutting-edge technology in order to improve the patient’s health and well-being.  Dr. Liberman has three girls; the oldest daughter, Shayna, has completed five years of study at the University of Michigan graduating May, 2010 with dual B.S. degrees in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science and Zoology/Anthropology.  Funded by National Geographic, Shayna spent 6 months of field research in Ethiopia at 10,000 feet working with Baboons.  After being accepted to Yale University she completed her Masters Degree in Bioanthropology. She then moved back to Reno, Nevada and to head up Donor Relations for a Non-Profit Organization called Sierra Nevada Journeys.They specialize and deliver innovative outdoor, science based education programs for youth. Shayna now lives in Portland,Oregon. She works full time as the marketing manager for an online company called Sightbox, now acquired and owned by Johnson & Johnson. The second daughter, Tori has finished her studies at  UC Santa Cruz and has attained a  B.S. degree in Marine Biology. She has completed an internship at Dolphin Quest on the Big Island in Hawaii and a 1 year internship in San Diego, CA for the US Navy in their Marine Mammal program working with Dolphins and Sea Lions. As well, she worked as an educator at Sea World. She was  promoted to a Zoological Associate then became an Associate Trainer of Dolphins at Dolphin Point in the Sea World Park in San Diego. She has been a Full time trainer of Dolphins and Pilot Whales and part of the Show Venue at Dolphin Stadium.  Tori then then moved over to the Shamu stadium and trained in the Killer Whale program. Tori left Sea World a year and a half ago to pursue a Teaching degree in Colorado Springs at the University of Colorado. She will graduate this coming May and will be a high School Biology teacher hoping to teach Oceanography-Marine Biology. As well, Tori is engaged to be married to Cameron Burke this June!! The third daughter, Kayli, has completed her senior year of high school at  the College Connections program of Shasta College.  She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS degree in Developmental,Molecular and Cell Biology.  She was involved in research on White Nose Syndrome seen in Bats. As well, she finished 4 years as a Veterinary Assistant for Westside Animal Hospital in Santa Cruz. While there, she completed a certificate in Veterinary Assistance with the CVMA. She was then an Intern with MWI, a large Veterinary Distributorship for 6 months. She then worked for Korbel Winery as a Fermentation Biologist. Kayli then worked in Sacramento for the County of Sacramento in Waste Water Department enforcement. Kayli came back to Redding and now works as a medical scribe at Mercy hospital, is going to school to complete requirements and plans to apply to Physicians Assistant School.  These children, born and raised at Panorama Farm and the Equine clinic, have grown up through the difficult and long clinic hours.  They have watched their father work hard and have gained an appreciation for cooperation and its rewards.

Hobbies: As a family the Libermans are athletic, spending much of their free time in outdoor activities including water skiing, snow skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, bike riding and spending as much time as possible in the mountains  The balance of family and professional life is an art form and the Liberman family feels lucky to have enjoyed both. In September, 2018, Wally with his best friend Stephanie successfully hiked to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro/Uhuru Peak in Tanzania @ 19,341 feet. This celebrated his 64th birthday. Hardest thing I have ever accomplished.

Community involvement: Dr. Liberman places a strong emphasis in supporting a number of local and state organizations including High School Rodeo, Redding Rodeo Association, North State Barrel Racing Association, California Circuit Pro Rodeo Association, California State Horsemen’s Association and Shasta College Equine Program.  Many client seminars have also been given over the years.  Dr. Liberman has been lecturing at the Klamath Packers Clinic and recently at the Back Country Horesmans Rendevous(Equine and Trails Celebration).

Previously, Dr. Wally was President of the Northern California Veterinary Medical Association, completing his term in January of 2004.  The primary focus for his term was veterinarian-to-veterinarian communication, as well as continuing education at a high level.  He helped start the Animal Science Scholarship program offered to high school seniors intending to pursue college education. This program continues to be successful.  Recently, he has been the Veterinarian Liaison to the Zoonotic Disease Task Force for Shasta County Public Health.

As well. Dr. Liberman is now on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Association of Equine Practitioners helping to provide quality Continuing Education and Veterinarian Association. Look this up at

Medical Interest: Dr. Liberman has a special interest in musculoskeletal disease diagnosis and the associated medical and surgical treatments.  As part of this, the hospital at Panorama Equine has extensive imaging capabilities including Ultrasound, Radiology, and Nuclear Scintigraphy.  Dr. Liberman attained a license to handle the radiopharmaceutical Technetium to provide bone scan imaging.  As part of this endeavor, he completed the coursework to become a Radiation Safety Officer.  This imaging infrastructure allows an accurate diagnosis of the problem to be achieved.  Dr. Liberman’s personal vision for the practice is for it to grow in a positive way, to look forward to the next day to improve the patient’s health and well being, and to give support for staff members and clients.  Dr. Liberman does not believe in staying in one place and being “stagnant” in the thought process.  He continually pursues excellence in skills and techniques, demonstrating the strong commitment to the veterinary-client-patient relationship in providing continuing education to his clients and staff about new technologies and strategies to help them better manage patients.  This also provides an important format in which the horse, client, veterinarian, farrier, and trainer are all involved as part of the process.  As part of this philosophy, the veterinary/farrier relationship has become integral in treating musculoskeletal disease, with the provision of a farrier shop at the PEMSC hospital. Dr. Liberman and Don Davis, CJF have worked together on cases for 32 years. Many other farriers have worked here as well. This open forum with Veterinarians and Farriers has been a great asset and helped going forward for our Equine industry.

Education: Dr. Wally did extensive undergraduate work prior to entering veterinary school.  He graduated from Humboldt State University in 1978 with a  B.S. in Wildlife Management and a  B.A. in Zoology.  He then obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University in 1982, gaining licensure in Michigan, Oregon, and California.  Dr. Wally has a special emphasis in Equine Orthopedic Disease – Diagnosis, Imaging and Medical & Surgical treatment. Current techniques involve Joint, Tendon and Ligament Medicine and Surgery, Shock Wave Tx, use of Intra-Articular medication that is not limited to but includes IRAP and Autologous Conditioned Plasma/Platelet Rich Plasma and more recently Pro-Stride(APS). There is constant research and understanding into the Pathobiology of these subjects.  Podiatry, this continuing education, changes in treatment modality are a large part toward the clinical understanding and treatment of Orthopedic Disease and Trauma.